Abetoo IoT was born with the aim of helping IoT developers of all around the world to communicate all kinds of devices with each other seamslessly, even working within private networks, you can completely forget issues related with Routers/NATs/Open ports. You can communicate any device anywhere, just with an internet connection.

This way developers can put the focus on their main ideas, helping to develop mixed technologies application easily from the scratch.


  • Seamslessly integration of multiple technologies.
  • No need to use UDP hole punching to traverse the NAT.
  • Ready to use libraries and example code.
  • Community support.
  • Free service, no hidden cost.

The protocol used in the background is Stomp. There are other very interesting protocols such as AMQP, XMPP, MQTT, etc. The choice of stomp was related with the fact that it is a very simple and reliable protocol, very easy to implement and supported for many message brokers, althougth, of course, MQTT would had been another great choice. The excessive verbosity of AMQP and XMPP discouraged me to use them.

My main goal is to provide as much bindings as possible, brinding the choice to mix all kind of technologies, from popular electronics based technologies like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, to PC based development software like MonoDevelop, Python, Visual Studio and Android. And others related with the web like HTML/Javascript, PHP, NodeJs among others.

The service is offered completely free of charge, you can send and receive as many messages as you want with no limits. In order to avoid abused use I only restrict the channels creation process with a captcha.

I’m working on an advanced framework with features like message encryption, message receipt confirmation, files syncronization, transparent automatic database syncronization, ready to use apps, like chat, etc. So stay tune to the incoming news.

If you like the service and you want to support it and keep it free, please consider to donate, there is no minimum amount.

Thank you for your support.

Chocron J.

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