Introduction. Installation.

First at all you need to install Xamarin Visual Studio. You can download it from this link.

Once you have installed Xamarin Visual Studio platform, it works like a regular Visual Studio installation.

You can install the dependencies either automatically with nuget packages or manually as usual. The easiest way to do that is, of course, through the use of nuget packages manager within Xamarin Visual Studio.

PM> Install-Package XAbetooLibrary

You can also look for nuget package online search with the keyword XAbetooLibrary.

If you want to install it manually just download the library. (You have to install the dependencies too)

Note: This version uses a foreground service in order to keep an open socket alive to send/receive packets. Android uses a saving battery mode called doze mode. Please take into account that an Android service could be stopped at any time if the system is running in a low resource situation. If you want to read more about such mode, please follow this link. I’m planning to developt another version working with google FCM and running as a regular service.

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